{what next} Ciel Living Room

A new cosy collection in soft blue, beiges and offwhite – The Ciel Living Room, a 23 piece set comprising of two fireside armchairs with 10 animations, including a ‘warm hands by the fire’ animations to compliment the Ciel fireplace.

Also includes:
Fireplace – scripted menu with fire/smoke/glow/sound FX
Stool – with 4 animations/scatter pillows with 8 animations
Ladder shelf, Art shelf, vase, tealights, star candle holder & candle, coffee table, mugs of steaming cocoa + cupcakes+ tray (dec only), 2 photo frames – can add your own photos and cycle through, hanging peg decor + photos – add your own photos, wall hanging, decorative old frame, 2 wicker storage baskets, 2 mini topiary plants, rug, fire basket with logs.

Save 20% off if purchasing the full collection or sold individually inworld.

{what next} – store inworld


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