Lazy Weekend Outdoor Collection

New Spring/Summer collection from {what next} – the ‘Lazy Weekend’ outdoors set – low prim, sculpted with baked textures.. deck with awning, scripted swingset, bench, chair, fire pit and new accessories! Complete with a linked awning and deck, it’s set for entertaining friends or a couple and makes a whole little outside room by itself.

Lazy Weekend Collection in 'Country Garden'

It’s available in three styles blue woodstained style ‘Seaside’, green woodstained style ‘Forest’ or natural wood ‘Country Garden’, with pretty matching fabric cushions.

Swing set – smooth scripted swing movement, 4 couples cuddles, 9 solo animations, dynamic shadow – moves when swing moves

Low Prim sculpted awning and deck

Bench – 10 animations including custom made female and drinking animations.

Chair – 12 animations, including male/female drinking, also male or female warm hands, perfect for setting around a firepit at night!

Chair in 'Forest'

And lastly a sculpted deck and awning..and only 9 prims, that includes deck, steps, ropes!

Swing set in 'Seaside'

If you purchase the full collection you get the firepit, drinks tray and rug free. Otherwise all pieces are for sale individually in the {what next} garden.

TP to {what next} garden.


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