New at {what next} – Coastal Loft Skybox

To complement the ‘Coastal Cottage’ collection of furniture, an open plan skybox with an outside patio area, designed in light and airy colours inspired by coastal living.

Note: all furniture sold separately at {what next} mostly from the Coastal Cottage Collection, or skybox can be purchased with the following accessories:

* window seat cushions (with couples/singles animations)

* hanging paper garden lanterns

* hanging lantern

Skybox Specs:

58 prims
17.4m depth x 24.6m width footprint

Texture changing window and door panes (11 choices from shutters/blinds/decorative glass/plain}

Texture changing inside walls ( 9 choices incl. loft style brick to wall paper to panelling)

Patio outisde with trellis

SLurl to skybox showrooms – see it furnished or unfurnished

SLurl to {what next} main store


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