New {what next} Laurel Bedroom Collection

This was one of the most requested products of the last couple of months (still working on the cottage to go with it), a bedroom to match the Laurel Living Room Collections. It’s an 11 piece set, the bed has romantic couples animations (PG), as well as singles animations and comes with a breakfast tray and props, so you can have breakfast in bed, read a book or newspaper as well as snuggle up! Also makes a perfect addition for Valentine’s Day or a gift even.

The fireplace surround headboard has a shelf for art prints, it comes with a set of three, but you could place your own knick-knacks or photos on it. Other features include a blanket box with animated sits, a corkboard lamp which you can add your own photos too and texture-changing drapes.

It’s also available on the Marketplace.

See a demo at the {what next} mainstore



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3 responses to “New {what next} Laurel Bedroom Collection

  1. I love this!! I really cannot wait until you get the cottage finished. I have been on the lookout for a new house, and I absolutely LOVE your items!!

  2. Miia Limondi

    Love Love Love!!

  3. Thanks Lashae and Miia! 🙂

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