SUYS at {what next}

It’s SUYS first anniversary this weekend and what better way to celebrate a get-together than with a picnic! The ‘Serendipity Garden’ Picnic Set is L$150 this weekend only (Feb 26-27th)

*seating for 6 avatars, 13 single animations in each of the pillows including eat,drink,eat with spoon (for sundae), read, play & listen to guitar, handstand many sits/lays unique to each pillow for extra variation
* interactive picnic basket: dispenses sandwich,cupcake, reading book,sundae and various drinks to choose from for you and your guests. These are ‘wearable’ props that are found in your inventory once taken and can be worn with the relevant animation.
* decorative guitar – not scripted, just a simple prop for decoration
* ‘wearable/playable’ guitar for the owner only. A more detailed custom guitar by Fleeftone Music for wearing with the custom play guitar animation in the pillows.
** trees and landscaping not included. Lanterns sold separately for ‘Lazy Sunday’ this weekend.

Available on The Marketplace here and in our mainstore, near the landing point.

SLurl to {what next} mainstore


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