Project Themeory and Spruce Up Your Space at {what next}!

It’s that time again at {what next} for SUYS and Project Themeory and we’ve been super busy finishing off the Serendipity Garden furniture.

For Spruce Up Your Space’s “Country Charm” we have the Serendipity Garden Loveseat, it comes with an occasional table, homemade ( I made it myself so I guess I can call it “homemade” :)) strawberry wine decor, which dispenses a glass to anyone and a little bag of lavender. The loveseat has couples and singles animations, as well as pretty texture change options on the fabric, all to match existing Serendipity Garden products. L$150 this weekend only.

If you’re looking for a little Easter/Spring gift to send to a friend, or even just a little of decor to brighten up a room or garden, then the Springtide Lights are perfect for you! A set of butterfly hanging lanterns, 3 flowerpot candles and a glass hanging lantern, which looks adorable by a front door or porch. It’s L$75 for Project Themeory this weekend, comes transferable and giftboxed!

As always, all new products are available on our Marketplace store here, as well as at the mainstore:
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