{what next} Norwegian Wood @ Culture Shock

We wanted to create a living room that was less typically girlie than we usually do, but at the same time it would appeal to both sexes, with a clean, contemporary feel…the Norwegian Living Room collection is a 13 piece set, also pieces sold individually.

The two sofa choices have texture-changing options, as well as all custom couples and singles animations:

Designed also to be as low prim as it can be, the guitar bookcase seen here is only 6 prims, that includes the books too!

It has some cute props, including ‘wearable’ laptop, guitar and coffee mugs..and especially for the musicians out there, guitar animations in the sofa!

(bottom two pictures taken with shadows enabled)

Available for now at the Culture Shock event, a CHIC event – “The first annual “Culture Shock” event in May 2011 (May 1st – May 22nd) aims to be a large and important event for the Secondlife fashion culture. Celebrating trends and trendsetters within our business, and incorperating music and art, all with reflections of our own personal first life cultures depicted in our creations”

SLurl to Culture Shock



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2 responses to “{what next} Norwegian Wood @ Culture Shock

  1. Chance G.

    that looks so real it’s scary! great work! 😉

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