Laurel Cottage Breakfast & Dining Rooms

We had so many requests to remake the Winter & Christmas Laurel Dining Sets for everyday use, that we finally got around it to in time for the Home & Garden Expo and it’s had a whole revamp to fit in with the new Laurel Cottage. Both sets are pretty much mix and match and if you buy both sets combined, you save 20%.

The Breakfast Room set has a smaller table and texture-changing cloth making it ideal for a kitchen, breakfast nook or smaller cottage dining room. It has texture-changing seat cushions to match existing Laurel furniture sets and includes colour-changing cafetiere, breakfast tray (dispenses self-rezzing croissant, coffee and orange juice and newspapers), colour changing tulips and morning mail, coffee mugs and hanging lantern:

The Dining Room set features a bigger table, decorative place mats (with the Flutter design that matches the fabric and decor from the RFL Flutter living room peieces), bottle candles, console table, working wall clock and bonus free Laurel Cottage Spring decor pieces for the console table, wall hanging, lantern and sisal rug.

The Breakfast Room and combined Dining Room sets can be purchased from the Home and Garden Expo, as well at the {what next} mainstore.

Teleport to {what next} at the Home & Garden Expo

Teleport to {what next} mainstore


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