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Morning Tea Armoire & Lazy Sunday

Hello everyone!New this week at {what next}: The Morning Tea Armoire for ‘Lazy Sunday’, which includes vanity animations and both versions of the armoire, with and without decorative drawer open!

Hatboxes are sold separately.

Hairbrush and compact props included, as well as non-animation versions.

Available on our Marketplace store here as well as at our main store.

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New at {what next}

Hello everyone! New this weekend at {what next}…some more pieces to collect of The Morning Tea Bedroom.

For Lazy Sunday, L$75 this weekend only: The Morning Tea Blanket Box, complete with animated sits (male and female) and three texture change options on the blanket:

For Super Bargain Saturday, a set of four varying classic chandeliers, L$60 this weekend:

As it’s Labor Day weekend for some of us, the items will be out at their sale prices on Monday too!

Both available at the {what next} mainstore and also on The Marketplace here.

SLurl to {what next}

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Morning Tea Bedroom at {what next}

It’s Spruce Up Your Space time again for us this weekend and the theme is “TeaTime”. Being English and loving tea, pretty much anywhere is a good place to enjoy a “cuppa”, so we’ve created the Morning Tea Bed with a little tea tray!

The Morning Tea Bed and Tray are for Spruce Up Your Space ($L150 this weekend only), the hatbox table, rose, shelf, art print and candle are all for ‘Lazy Sunday’ (L$75 this weekend only) and the decorative drapes set (with and without the shutters/window) and rug are sold separately:

Visit our mainstore to demo the bed’s animations. The teatray dispenses a whole range of attachable props for you and guests, included tea, juice, croissant, newspapers, book and a laptop to rez, included all the animations to go with these props. Singles and couples animations also included.

Have a safe and happy weekend wherever you are and check out all the participating Lazy Sunday/SUYS stores too!

SLurl to {what next} mainstore.

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Lazy Sunday Breakfast Tray

New from {what next}, a standalone breakfast tray, with custom animations, wearable props for you and your guests, plus you can rez the tray on any bed you own and use! Just for ‘Lazy Sunday’, this weekend only {Mar 5th-6th).

Available on the Marketplace here, as well as at our mainstore at Hodgepodge.

SLurl to {what next}

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New {what next} Laurel Bedroom Collection

This was one of the most requested products of the last couple of months (still working on the cottage to go with it), a bedroom to match the Laurel Living Room Collections. It’s an 11 piece set, the bed has romantic couples animations (PG), as well as singles animations and comes with a breakfast tray and props, so you can have breakfast in bed, read a book or newspaper as well as snuggle up! Also makes a perfect addition for Valentine’s Day or a gift even.

The fireplace surround headboard has a shelf for art prints, it comes with a set of three, but you could place your own knick-knacks or photos on it. Other features include a blanket box with animated sits, a corkboard lamp which you can add your own photos too and texture-changing drapes.

It’s also available on the Marketplace.

See a demo at the {what next} mainstore


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{what next} Coastal Cottage Bedroom

Part 2 of the Coastal Cottage Collection – Coastal Cottage Bedroom is now available at our mainstore:

Set includes:
*double bed with texture changing option, couples and singles animations

* wall starfish decor

* chest of drawers, bedside table – both texture changing drawer-fronts

* table lamp

* 2 decorative books

* set of candles in jars

* rug

Shown but not included: {what next} Subscriber’s Group Gift for September – Book Table & Lamp

Two of Us Armchair (updated to match the Coastal Cottage Collection)

SLurl to {what next} main store

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{what next} ‘Sleepover’ Daybed for Project Themeory

For the ‘childhood nostalgia’ theme for this week’s Project Themeory, is a brand new daybed and limited edition for this weekend only in very girly pinks…and only L$75 this weekend only!

The daybed seats three avatars, had nine animated poses and includes a decorative set of children’s classic books and teddy bear.

SLurl to [what next}

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