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Mostly Autumn Lanterns at {what next}

“Just before the death of flowers,
And before they are buried in snow,
There comes a festival season
When nature is all aglow.”

The ‘Mostly Autumn’ Lanterns are new for Lazy Sunday and include all 6 shown for L$75, 15th- 16th October only! These lanterns could be used to transform seating areas indoors or outdoors, porch or doorways or window sills with a subtle Fall glow.

The set includes:
* three hanging lanterns, two with autumn leaves and one with a candle
* three floor lanterns with lit candles inside

Available on the Marketplace here or at the mainstore inworld:

SLurl to the {what next} mainstore.


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New at {what next}

Hello everyone! New this weekend at {what next}…some more pieces to collect of The Morning Tea Bedroom.

For Lazy Sunday, L$75 this weekend only: The Morning Tea Blanket Box, complete with animated sits (male and female) and three texture change options on the blanket:

For Super Bargain Saturday, a set of four varying classic chandeliers, L$60 this weekend:

As it’s Labor Day weekend for some of us, the items will be out at their sale prices on Monday too!

Both available at the {what next} mainstore and also on The Marketplace here.

SLurl to {what next}

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New at {what next}

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a great weekend! It’s all summery this weekend at {what next}.

We’ve two sets of outdoor string lights (each set has two copiable strings of lights) for ‘Lazy Sunday’..the quirky flipflop lights and more traditional bulb lighting:

They can be found on the Marketplace here and here…as well as at the mainstore near the landing point:

SLurl to {what next}

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Serendipity Garden: Iridescent Lanterns

These lanterns co-ordinate well with this week’s picnic set for SUYS. The set includes 6 different coloured, scripted, copyable lanterns that give off a soft glow. They look very pretty hung off tree branches.

They’re L$75 for ‘Lazy Sunday’, this weekend only (Feb 26-27th).

Available on the Marketplace here, as well as at our mainstore inworld.

SLurl to {what next} mainstore

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{what next} Winter Lanterns for Lazy Sunday

A set of three different wintry hanging lanterns on strings for Lazy Sunday, special offer lasting this weekend only!

Scripted to give off a pretty, flickering yet subtle glow, they can be toggled on or off by touch and just used for decoration:

Teleport to {what next} mainstore

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Lazy Sunday @ {what next}

For Lazy Sunday – available Oct 22nd – 23rd for L$75 this weekend only

A set of two copyable hanging glass lanterns:

One ‘Witching Hour’ has a small glowing light inside and rotating witch/moon/stars decor

The second has a lit candle.

Both come with a moddable rope (unlinked), so you can adjust the length to suit.

6 prims or 7 with the rope for each lantern.

SLurl to {what next}

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