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Morning Tea Bedroom at {what next}

It’s Spruce Up Your Space time again for us this weekend and the theme is “TeaTime”. Being English and loving tea, pretty much anywhere is a good place to enjoy a “cuppa”, so we’ve created the Morning Tea Bed with a little tea tray!

The Morning Tea Bed and Tray are for Spruce Up Your Space ($L150 this weekend only), the hatbox table, rose, shelf, art print and candle are all for ‘Lazy Sunday’ (L$75 this weekend only) and the decorative drapes set (with and without the shutters/window) and rug are sold separately:

Visit our mainstore to demo the bed’s animations. The teatray dispenses a whole range of attachable props for you and guests, included tea, juice, croissant, newspapers, book and a laptop to rez, included all the animations to go with these props. Singles and couples animations also included.

Have a safe and happy weekend wherever you are and check out all the participating Lazy Sunday/SUYS stores too!

SLurl to {what next} mainstore.


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SUYS & Lazy Sunday at {what next}

It’s Spruce Up Your Space and Lazy Sunday at {what next} this weekend, both with a coastal theme! Each set L$150 this weekend only:

For SUYS, two window seats with couples and singles animations, texture options..they were originally designed to fit inside the Marin Summer House, but as they come linked and in separate pieces, they could work for most windows or coastal themed homes.

You can see all the other stores items in the SUYS Flickr group pool.

For Lazy Sunday, we’ve created a coastal version of our woodburning stove, perfect for the beach house! It has some lovely fire and log VFX and audio, as well as handwarming animations:

Available on the Marketplace here as well as at the {what next} mainstore:

SLurl to {what next}

Have a great weekend!

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Marin Summer House & Porch Decor

It’s Spruce Up Your Space time again for us this week with the theme ‘Inside Out’ and we’ve made a little summer house (or cabin as Franklee calls it!), which makes an ideal extra “room” for the garden. At night the two faux windows can be touch on or off to give a nice lit window night time effect.

It comes unfurnished and all the furnishings and accessories seen here are sold separately inworld.

With a coastal/nautical theme, it goes perfectly with our ‘Lazy Sunday” set this week, which is a 3 piece porch decor set – doormat, window box with flowers and porch light and sign:

The summer house and porch decor can be found on the Marketplace here and here, as well as at the {what next} mainstore:

SLurl to {what next}

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Project Themeory and Spruce Up Your Space at {what next}!

It’s that time again at {what next} for SUYS and Project Themeory and we’ve been super busy finishing off the Serendipity Garden furniture.

For Spruce Up Your Space’s “Country Charm” we have the Serendipity Garden Loveseat, it comes with an occasional table, homemade ( I made it myself so I guess I can call it “homemade” :)) strawberry wine decor, which dispenses a glass to anyone and a little bag of lavender. The loveseat has couples and singles animations, as well as pretty texture change options on the fabric, all to match existing Serendipity Garden products. L$150 this weekend only.

If you’re looking for a little Easter/Spring gift to send to a friend, or even just a little of decor to brighten up a room or garden, then the Springtide Lights are perfect for you! A set of butterfly hanging lanterns, 3 flowerpot candles and a glass hanging lantern, which looks adorable by a front door or porch. It’s L$75 for Project Themeory this weekend, comes transferable and giftboxed!

As always, all new products are available on our Marketplace store here, as well as at the mainstore:
Teleport to {what next}

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Spruce Up Your Space at {what next}

‘So Boho’ is the theme for Spruce Up Your Space this weekend! We’ve two sets to choose from Boho Chic Set in Jewel or Citrus (L$150 this weekend only):

For Lazy Sunday (L$75 this weekend only), a vintage mannequin and dressing screen, two fabric texture change options:

As always available on the Marketplace here, as well as in the mainstore.

Teleport to {what next}

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SUYS at {what next}

It’s SUYS first anniversary this weekend and what better way to celebrate a get-together than with a picnic! The ‘Serendipity Garden’ Picnic Set is L$150 this weekend only (Feb 26-27th)

*seating for 6 avatars, 13 single animations in each of the pillows including eat,drink,eat with spoon (for sundae), read, play & listen to guitar, handstand many sits/lays unique to each pillow for extra variation
* interactive picnic basket: dispenses sandwich,cupcake, reading book,sundae and various drinks to choose from for you and your guests. These are ‘wearable’ props that are found in your inventory once taken and can be worn with the relevant animation.
* decorative guitar – not scripted, just a simple prop for decoration
* ‘wearable/playable’ guitar for the owner only. A more detailed custom guitar by Fleeftone Music for wearing with the custom play guitar animation in the pillows.
** trees and landscaping not included. Lanterns sold separately for ‘Lazy Sunday’ this weekend.

Available on The Marketplace here and in our mainstore, near the landing point.

SLurl to {what next} mainstore

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{what next Ondine Bathroom for Spruce Up Your Space

It’s Spruce Up Your Space weekend at {what next} and the chosen theme this month is Luxurious Living!

We’ve created the Ondine Bathroom, with all custom animations for singles and couples (PG), as well as many bath effects and bath props and all the decor included as seen in the picture below (window not included) and on sale for the specila price of L$150 only for this weekend (Jan 29-30th):

Don’t forget to check out the other participating stores this weekend!

The new bathroom is available on the Marketplace in addition to inworld.

Available at the {what next mainstore

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